5 Travel-Related Extreme Sports You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Try

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Extreme sports and activities definitely aren’t for everyone. But those who enjoy them usually enjoy them a lot. You can only jump out of a plane so many times, however, until you’re on the lookout for the next extreme thing for you to try. And, surprise, people have thought up some pretty unique and creative ways to be extreme. After all, we humans have been being extreme probably since forever.

So what exactly can you turn to once regular extreme just isn’t extreme enough? What do you do when skydiving, mountain climbing, white water rafting, and so on, no longer give the thrills they used to? Not to give anything away but… let’s just say volcanoes are involved.

But you don’t have to be a hardcore thrill junky to enjoy the activities on the list below. Like ironing? Well there might be a slightly less extreme extreme sport down there just for you.

Fortunately, Lonely Planet has put together a list of basically every extreme sport and activity there is to help everyone get their necessary dose of thrills. Here are 5 of our favorites from their list that you may have never heard of.

1. Volcano Boarding

The gist: pioneered by an Australian traveller in León, Nicaragua, volcano boarding is the art of zooming down the face of an active volcano on a reinforced plywood toboggan. Using your heels to brake and steer, it’s possible to clock speeds of up to 90km/hr. That’s after you’ve hiked up the volcano, of course.

Where to try it: León Big Foot Hostel (www.bigfootnicaragua.com/volcanoboarding) runs trips to nearby Sierra Nevada volcano daily.

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