14 Feelings You’ll Experience Regularly If You’re With The Right Guy

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There may be no such thing as a perfect love, but you deserve as close as it gets. You need someone who lets you regularly know how grateful he is to have you in his life and who makes you feel the following:


Your ideas, your opinions, and your values should all be encouraged and your point of view deeply appreciated. He should remind you time and time again that he thinks the world of you. Even when you two disagree, you’ll know that in his eyes, you’re an equal.


Unconditional, unwavering love is paramount, no matter what you go through as a couple — not the kind of love that keeps score, judges, or asks something of you. You need the kind of love that’s forgiving, kind, tangible, and real — the kind that people search for their entire lives but only the lucky actually find. You should feel every single day that you’re one of the fortunate few.


And not just in the early stages when a relationship is new. He should make you feel ecstatic to experience the world together, from big adventures to the day to day normalcies. You should be looking forward to every new moment and the future you can’t wait to have with the man of your dreams.

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