10 Unconventional Gestures You Can Do Everyday To Make Your Girlfriends Heart Melt

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So you think you have her all figured out? Yes, you! You may assume you do but there are times she acts mysterious and doesn’t really allow you to figure her out. Every gesture and every move you make is observed with her astute powers and every word you speak never goes unheard. So when you do certain things for her or miss out on a few things, she will notice everything and come to her own conclusions.

The safest bet though is to make every gesture count so that she remembers it fondly and it’s only these subtle actions that catch her eye and stay with her for the longest time.

So here are a few timely things you can do for the lady of the hour that will never go unnoticed and will certainly make her heart melt.

(1) For a change, plan an evening for her. Mostly, it’s her deciding the evening out and choosing places to eat at or things to do. Surprise her by picking a dinner venue of her favourite cuisine and things she really likes doing in general. She will love the effort you’ve put in to spend an evening with her.

(2) If she rests her head on your lap or shoulder while watching the telly, gently play with her hair. Women take that as a sign of affection mostly. It doesn’t have to be a full fledged massage but gentle touching/hair messing which will also relax her a tad.

(3) If you see her overwhelmed with the week’s fatigue, offer to help her out with some of her chores during the weekend. Usually, she won’t ask you for help, so pay attention to what she needs help with and offer her your support. It could be as trivial as running to the grocery store to grab some basics. Any support you give to her will be of great help.

(4) Buy her things that don’t have to be quintessentially romantic or expensive. Chocolates every now and then are a safe bet (especially when she’s on her period!), or even a bag of Lays (the flavour she is fond of the most), a nice shade of nail paint you spot at a drug store or even a tee which says something funny. It’s mostly the thought that counts.

(5) We know you’re probably not too big on public displays of affection but cuddling is cute! Cuddle her unexpectedly while in public; like putting your hands around her and giving her a nice hug every now and then. Just don’t get carried away, that’s all!

(6) Once in a while, when you know she’s having a rough day, get the ingredients of her favourite cocktails together and have it waiting for her when she gets home. She will love you for it!

(7) Be protective over small things that concern her. Not in a psycho way but a cute way. Like if she’s heading out and it starts to rain, offer her an umbrella and express your concern over her falling sick in the rain.

(8) Pick a show and start watching it with her. You can either binge watch it or watch it when you have the time but make sure she likes the show and it’s the one show you watch together.

(9) Once a while, bunk work together and spend the entire day just watching TV shows or going out and spending the day together. Being in pyjamas all day and doing nothing together is the best thing ever.

(10) If you do end up spending the night at her place, make sure you do small little things like making the bed in the morning while she’s taking a shower or making her a cup of coffee (the way she likes it). She will think it as the sweetest gesture ever.

These are some unconventional ways of looking out for your girl through gestures and if you do them every once a while, consciously or subconsciously, you’re surely winning her heart everyday!